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We are *close* to getting answers to the following questions:

Based on the comments, some progress has been made in the following questions. In many cases, people have indicated that they know the answer, and/or people have encouraged some of the commenters to ...
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Let's avoid editing the following questions if possible

There's two ways I considered doing this. One is by making a community-wiki answer so that anyone who wants to add or remove questions from this list, can do so freely. Another option would be to ...
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We have let our answer ratio slip, let's do something about it!

Two days ago I asked our community if anyone thinks they know why or how this happened: We've never had such a long string of unanswered questions before, what might be the reason it happened ...
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Does bumping 16 questions from the unanswered queue, enter the stage where it becomes a little counterproductive?

I've many times bumped up unanswered questions by improving them with edits, and found that they got answered shortly after, so this was indeed helpful. However this time I did 16 questions at once: ...
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2 answers

0 Question Days

In August we had at least 1 question each day In September we had 1 day with 0 questions In October we had 3 days with 0 questions 16 November was already day number 5 with 0 questions in November. ...
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We reached 100 unanswered questions today. Let's focus on answering the unanswered questions!

Certainly the list of unanswered questions will get bigger over time, but I was really hoping it would stay under 2 pages long (when listing 50 questions/page) for much longer. The longer the list of ...
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Helping to get unanswered questions answered: What are the communities where we can notify people of our questions?

I have been posting unanswered questions about LAMMPS here:, about Quantum ESPRESSO here:, about VASP here: ...
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1 answer

We've never had such a long string of unanswered questions before, what might be the reason it happened recently?

This screenshot says it all: All these questions were bumped to the top on September 26th, and none of them have got answers. They are about VASP, LAMMPS, Quantum ESPRESSO, QMC, and TDDFT, all which ...
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After a successful question spree, let's now clean up the unanswered queue!

The campaign to reach 10 questions/day: ATTENTION Matter Modelers: Can we ask 30 questions in the next 24 hours? Matter Modeling needs a lot more questions before 28 July: Here's why Salvaging ...
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Answering these particular questions will earn you extra badges!

Bronze revival: What are the methods for calculating solvation effects in free energies and how do they compare? How to find the projected Hamiltonian for lowest flat-band in general? Derivatives ...
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4 answers

61% of our questions have been answered. Should we focus on improving this?

Area 51 says: 90% answered is a healthy beta, 80% answered needs some work. In the beta We are far from 90% . How do we tackle that?