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What ads are our lower-rep users seeing?

As someone who regularly advertises MMSE to many people, how MMSE looks when people visit it upon my recommendation, will affect my personal reputation. I recently noticed that with only 141 rep on ...
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1 answer

Let's work on our logo! (Improving on Anoop Nair's design)

Out of the logo suggestions so far, I was able to work on the theme proposed by Anoop Nair in his answer, thanks to him making it available for collaboration on GitHub. This is what I have so far, but ...
5 votes
1 answer

MMSE Community Promotion Board

Taking the suggestion from Geoff Hutchison in Highlighting forum - community promotions, I decided to put together an MMSE page for community ads. Simply add an answer with a title, a brief ...
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More opportunities to help MMSE with your artistic skills!

First, I'd really like to thank Anoop Nair and Pranoy Ray for their help with: Logo needed for community ads! and Let's work on our logo! (Improving on Anoop Nair's design). Everyone is ...
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Matter Modelers: Please support our community ads!

Existing Community Ads Needs more support: Mathematica Community Promotion Ads (updated to 2021 ad!) Academia Community Promotion Ads (updated to 2021 ad!) Ask Ubuntu Community Promotion Ads (updated ...
15 votes
1 answer

We have work to do! Here's how you can help!

Our site is among the strongest to enter Public Beta in the last several years, but there is a lot of work to be done. There might never be a better time than now, to help make this site a huge ...
11 votes
3 answers

Logo needed for community ads!

Since almost 9 years ago, Science Stack Exchanges have been advertising other Science Stack Exchanges that are still in Beta: Currently we are using the default image automatically generated by ...
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0 answers

New Stack Exchange site proposal: Computational Fluid Dynamics!

There's a proposal at the moment for creating an SE site for computational fluid dynamics, and if you would like SE to add a site for this topic, I suggest you follow the proposal, ask some example ...
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0 answers

Helping to get unanswered questions answered: What are the communities where we can notify people of our questions?

I have been posting unanswered questions about LAMMPS here:, about Quantum ESPRESSO here:, about VASP here: ...
7 votes
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Do our users want, or not want, this site to be sponsored?

First: Thank you everyone who helped this site survive the Area51 process, and who helped this site grow so far during the first 3 weeks in Beta!!! We would not have this site without you!!! Now we ...