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For questions/discussion about promoting the site both within the SE network and on other platforms.

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Matter Modelers: Please support our community ads!

Existing Community Ads Needs more support: Mathematica Community Promotion Ads (updated to 2021 ad!) Academia Community Promotion Ads (updated to 2021 ad!) Ask Ubuntu Community Promotion Ads (updated ...
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Thank you to our 9 inaugural "enthusiastic users"!

Thank you so much, to all of you that have been enthusiastic about helping create this site, and helping it grow during its first 30 days of life: Hopefully there will be many, many more years and ...
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4 votes
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Salvaging the DFT questions and questions that fall unambiguously within our territory, from other sites

We have a chat room with a feed that tells us whenever a Matter Modeling question gets asked on a different SE site. It's nice to be able to easily see what all the Matter Modeling questions network-...
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More opportunities to help MMSE with your artistic skills!

First, I'd really like to thank Anoop Nair and Pranoy Ray for their help with: Logo needed for community ads! and Let's work on our logo! (Improving on Anoop Nair's design). Everyone is ...
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