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6 votes
0 answers

Please make it an aim to vote on questions, even if they aren't your own

In our early days we voted 450 times on 45 posts (10 votes/post), and this shrunk to 337 votes on 55 posts (about 6 votes/post) in July, and seems to have shrunk to nearly 0 votes in the last couple ...
Nike Dattani - No Free Time's user avatar
6 votes
1 answer

We reached 100 unanswered questions today. Let's focus on answering the unanswered questions!

Certainly the list of unanswered questions will get bigger over time, but I was really hoping it would stay under 2 pages long (when listing 50 questions/page) for much longer. The longer the list of ...
Nike Dattani - No Free Time's user avatar