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Annual Town Hall Meeting!

In June 2020 I made the suggestion for us to have weekly town hall meetings, a bit like Quantum Computing SE has "The Quantum Revolution" every Tuesday and Meta.SE has "Happy Hour" ...
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What time of the week would people like to hold town hall meetings (if any such thing at all)?

Many sites schedule a chat in one of the chat rooms, at a certain time each week. Quantum Computing has the "Quantum Revolution" every Tuesday at the same hour, and Meta.SE has the "Happy Hour" at ...
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0 answers

Accepting proposals for chat rooms

I very much would like to avoid this problem: Avoiding making so many new chatrooms called "Discussion between user[A] and user [B]" which later become frozen or not very useful We have a ...
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1 answer

What can our community do, to get people participating more on our Meta?

Participation in our Meta seems to be somewhat lacking, and I've asked a number of questions lately that have gone unanswered: For the most part I was naming chatrooms myself, and I invited the ...
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Preparing for a feature request for more flexibility and control over moving comments to chat rooms

"Comments are not for extended discussion", the Stack Exchange system always tells us if it detects two people getting into a 2-way discussion in the comments of a question or answer. ...
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Preparing for a feature request for chat rooms to have something like the "@channel" feature in Slack

I'm going through the unanswered questions list to try to get things answered, and I found this: Setting multiple new atype/dtype/itype with LAMMPS fix bond/create, for which I'd like to ping all ...
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Discussion about chat room that brings attention to relevant questions from other sites

I made this chat room thinking that it would be as simple as spending 5 minutes adding feeds from Chem.SE, 5 minutes for Physics.SE, 2 minutes for ComputationalScience.SE, 2 minutes for Engineering.SE,...
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1 answer

Name and room owners for the main chat room

This community has a chat room: Materials Modeling This is the third place, where people can meet up and discuss. It's the most casual of the three, with sometimes realtime back-and-forth. That's ...
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Can we have the existing Chat room "migrated" to the Beta site now that it is live?

Many of us have enjoyed discussing this proposal for several months now, at this chat room, called "Materials Modeling Chat" Now that the site is live, we also have this one. I wonder if the ...