The Quantum Computing Stack Exchange has had several cases of posts that were deleted due to looking like they were written by ChatGPT or written with ChatGPT's help.

Has MMSE experienced this, whether ChatGPT was involved or any other artificially intelligent software?


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24 January 2024: First confirmed example

This question: How do I draw perovskite structure with own without CIF file? had two AI-generated answers on 24 January 2024, within 2 hours of each other. It's hard to see now, since the user profiles have been destroyed, but they were accounts that were advertising (spamming) some company that had nothing to do with matter modeling, which made it unlikely that the authors of those answers wrote the answers themselves. One question also opened with almost a repeat of the question's title, which seems like something that an AI-based bot would do, and Camps confirmed to me that one of the answers used the same wording as what he got from asking ChatGPT the same question. The same two accounts came back and tried to answer a different question slightly later (I can find that one too by looking at my flag history, if I flagged them).


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