Under certain conditions, the following message appears:

"Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?"

except with a hyperlink on the bold text, and clicking the hyperlink (whether intentionally or by accident) creates a new chat room. This leads to some sites having trillions of chat rooms, which is something that we absolutely do not want.

I submitted a feature request on Meta SE to help us "avoid" making trillions of chat rooms: Avoiding making so many new chatrooms called "Discussion between user[A] and user [B]" which later become frozen or not very useful. It was well-received by Shog9 but no current SE employees seem to have interacted with it.

I suspect that it's not likely that code development is going to happen any time soon for SE Chat. If that's true, Then please just remove the hyperlink. That's all we ask. We don't want new rooms created. We have our own system for moving conversations to Chat. We have a small and maintainable number of rooms, and a very, very small number of deleted rooms (these were due to people "accidentally" or "spuriously" clicking the link that we are asking you to remove).



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