I would be willing to devote more of my time and energy towards increasing our user base to include experts in the following areas if you can let me know who the appropriate experts are!


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On 26 September 2021 a question was asked here which, after about six months of being unanswered, got a comment saying:

"You would get more answers if you asked easier questions lol :)"

The same user that asked that question then asked 15 more questions, of which the most recent six of them have not been answered, and eight of them in total still remain unanswered, plus the one from September 2021:

The same user had asked about two dozen questions before, and thankfully only three of them remain unanswered (though they were closed as abandoned):

I'll also say that some (additional) questions went unanswered for so long that the asker ended up having to answer them themselves (after several months):

Many of these questions are extremely well-written and well-formatted

They seem entirely on-topic at MMSE, and show serious effort into the formatting and presentation. The author has been active quite consistently and has been helpful in writing self-answers for the benefit of future community members when they figured out the answer themselves (though all 7 of their answers were self-answers!).

I'd like to keep questions like these open on this site, and I'd like to continue encouraging such questions. However they have a very high unanswered rate which I find taxing when trying to help get things answered, and another user has said (see the top of this post) "You would get more answers if you asked easier questions lol :)" indicating that perhaps these questions require answerers with expertise in areas in which our current user base isn't very strong.

Does anyone have any recommendations about who the experts are in the field(s) covering the above questions, so that I can try to help recruit them to answer questions here?


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