First, I'd really like to thank Anoop Nair and Pranoy Ray for their help with: Logo needed for community ads! and Let's work on our logo! (Improving on Anoop Nair's design).

Everyone is welcome to make adjustments to these logos by directly editing the open Google Drawing file or making edits to the images being used in it, which are located in the GitHub folder.

Now in addition to the more square-like format for community ads, we are also allowed to advertise MMSE with banner ads. We therefore need volunteers to help make some logos/ads in the banner-type format, so that we can advertise MMSE in this way on other sites such as Physics.SE and Chemistry.SE. I recommend following the same collaboration format as for the above cases (make a freely editable Google Drawing file, and place all files/images on which it depends in the GitHub folder for the logos).



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