In February we had 6 questions in the close vote queue that we ultimately decided to keep open.
In March we had 4.
In April we had 1.
In May we had 0.

Since 26 march we've had only 1.

In fact for more than 2.5 months, close vote reviewers (who are unpaid volunteers by the way) have not been asked at all to review any questions for closure.

Let's continue this trend of alternatives to close voting, such as: leaving constructive comments and allowing the OP time to make improvements.

The benefits of having a welcoming community in which users do not feel discouraged to ask questions due to seeing close votes on questions before they've had a chance to be told what was actually wrong in the comments, and to actually respond with improvements to the question, are in my opinion great.

If a user is not responding to comments for a couple weeks, then feel free to close vote afterwards!



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