Robert Cartaino contacted the supporters of a failed Mathematica.SE proposal when a subsequent proposal became successful:

Since the Mathematica proposal is relaunching from the support of a prior proposal, I will contact the remaining users to let them know about the new proposal.

One of the benefits of entering Public Beta is that we now appear on Google searches. I searched "Materials Modeling Stack Exchange" to see what it would look like, and to my surprise I saw that the European Materials Modeling Council actually tried in 2018 to make an SE site through Area51. That link shows that they had 20 followers in the first 5 days, and probably many more afterwards, since about 1 month later they advertised on Twitter and it was re-tweeted several times. It appears that after a bit more than another month, they had 143 followers (more than us!):

enter image description here

While looking for that archive, I also found the following that would be of interest to us:

This site not only had questions about Rosetta, but related to Gaussian too, and they had questions about docking, which we already have on our site.

I also found the following in Area51 Discussion Zone (unfortunately I was not able to find them on the waybackmachine but at least one of them I know is there):

So I wonder if we could have the supporters of at least some of these old proposals informed that we had a site enter Private Beta? "Software for Materials Modeling" is basically our tag, which with a few dozen questions is our second most popular tag so far.



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